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Turlock Scavenger provides three roll out containers to each resident of Turlock. A charcoal grey 32 gallon container for garbage, a blue 68 gallon container for co-mingled recyclables, and a green 95 gallon container for yard waste. These containers are picked up once per week on assigned routes. Citizens are encouraged to embrace the "recycling habit" and actively participate in helping the City to meet its waste diversion goals.


A great way to cut your trash and save you time is to grasscycle- mow without a bag and leave your grass clippings on the lawn to provide mulch and nutrients, save water, and save time. Your existing mower probably came with a kit to make it a mulching mower. These machines cut and recut grass into tiny particles, which drop down onto the soil. But remember-donít mow wet grass. It will clump and pile.

Compost in Your Backyard

If mowing without a bag isnít your bag, try composting. Yard waste and some food scraps decompose into outstanding free topsoil, and composting can reduce your trash by up to 25 percent- perhaps more.

Buy Recycled

Earthís resources are too precious to waste. For recycling to succeed we all need to check the labels and to buy products made with recycled content. Everything from clothes to carpeting, cans to comic books are made from recycled materials. You are doing your part when you help close the recycling loop.

Use Re-Refined Oil

The State requires re-refined oil in its vehicles, including California Highway Patrol cars. High-performance race cars use re-refined oil and win. You can, too! Used oil can be re-refined into top-quality motor oil. Unfortunately, not every store carries re-refined oil. If your dealer does not stock re-refined, ask for it!

Recycle or Properly Dispose Of Household Hazardous Waste

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