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The City of Turlock wishes to remind all its residents how vital water conservation is to our community. It is never appropriate to waste a natural resource like water, and your cooperation is appreciated.

All of Turlock's water comes from deep water wells. In periods of drought, extra measures are implemented to ensure that an adequate supply of water is available even as water table levels may drop. New wells have been installed over the past several years that have made system-wide pressures higher and more stable. All wells are monitored through the Municipal Services' telemetry system. This allows for real time monitoring of the system and an ability to respond more quickly and effectively to any problems.

Though Turlock has a water wasting ordinance and some residents receive warnings when they violate the rules of the water conservation, mostly these serve as reminders not to waste water. Citizens are advised to reprogram and check "automatic" sprinkler timers and when a broken or misadjusted sprinkler is observed or reported, an advisory notice is left to alert the owner of the problem. The goal of the conservation program is to educate, not penalize.

Watering schedule and rules

The City of Turlock has a year round water conservation program, based on an odd/even watering schedule. Citizens are encouraged to conserve water whenever possible, and to realize there is never an excuse to waste our precious resource. Utilities staff respond to complaints regarding over watering. Seasonally staff patrols all neighborhoods in Turlock to educate consumers about water conservation.

Free Sprinkler Timer Set Up

City of Turlock staff is available to help you set your sprinkler timer for free! Contact us at 668-5590.

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