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Hiring Process

After all the application requirements are met, a qualified applicant may be selected to enter the pool of candidates. Applicants are given a date and time to be interviewed by a panel of department and city officials to assess the suitability to move on in the process.

A second interview, this one with Police Department Command Staff members, may be offered to the most outstanding candidates. Successful completion of this interview would lead to the beginning of the background investigation process. Continuing success in this process would most likely lead to an interview with the Chief of Police. A contingent job offer will be made to those applicants who appear to be consistent with the high standards of this department. A complete medical examination and psychological assessment are done in preparation of extending a final job offer.

At the end of this process the prospective Turlock Police Officer is given a date to begin training with a member of the field training staff.

Field Training Program

Turlock Police Department’s Field Training Program is certified by the Peace Officer Standard and Training (P.O.S.T.). The Field Training Program consists of a combination of Patrol Officers, Corporals and Sergeants with a total of 180 years of law enforcement experience.

Our Field Training Program is goal orientated with a specific plan to expand upon the new officer’s academy training so as to make them an efficient and productive police officer with the full capability of handling all the responsibilities of a Turlock Police Officer. The training program is on the average approximately 16 weeks long and broken down into four training phases with a Field Training Officer (FTO). The final, fifth phase, is as a solo officer with periodic evaluations by a FTO until the completion of probation.

Note: Only the most outstanding candidates are invited to be part of this organization; those with histories of violence, poor decision making (including financial decisions) or habitual drug use are quickly eliminated from consideration.

Lateral Officers
Officers who hold a P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate* and are in good standing may apply and be hired as lateral officers.

* A P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate is awarded after 1) police academy graduation, and 2) successful passage of a probationary period with a public safety agency.

Academy Graduates
After completion of the academy graduates may be hired by the agency; after one year of satisfactory employment, the academy graduate received his or her P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate.

Academy Cadets
At times, the Chief of Police may select an outstanding cadet to be sponsored by the Turlock Police Department. This sponsorship may include tuition and expenses as well as a stipend. Most police officer hired by Turlock Police are chosen from the ranks of cadets at local police academies. Similar to entering college, individuals as apply for the police academy and attend as an “independent” student and seek employment while in the academy. This is the recommended path for those with no demonstrative work history or background with an agency (police explorer, cadet, etc.)

The Ray Simon Regional Criminal Justice Training Center (RSRCJTC) is the closest police academy to Turlock; however, we have found great success with graduates from the Fresno City College Police Academy (FCC) and San Joaquin Delta College (Stockton) extended academy (SJDC). Each school has a website full of information for the prospective academy recruit.

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